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Mission Statement
Save lives by eradicating the #1 cause of disease and death in the developing world through the delivery of clean water.

A Global Coalition For Clean Water Development
Global Water Trust (GWT) is mobilizing an international coalition of key players from the financial, philanthropic, technology, NGO, media, entertainment, corporate, government and civil society communities. Through this coalition, the Trust will organize, manage and deploy the critical resources required to combat the global water crisis. Without clean water, children will continue to die at a rate of 10,000 per day, developing world economies will collapse or never get off the ground, health care costs will skyrocket, hopes for a global economy will disappear, AIDS drug programs will fail and bloody wars will erupt.

The challenge is to develop new ways of inspiring funding for clean water projects, introduce new technologies and equipment to deliver clean water, train civil society to efficiently operate and manage clean water projects and dramatically increase awareness and media attention of this epidemic health and economic crisis. By leading a global water coalition, the Global Water Trust believes that it is possible to reach the United Nations Millennium Development Goal of halving the number of people without clean water by 2015. Unless the entire world unites to solve this crisis, “nearly 75% of all human beings will experience the devastating health and economic affects of dirty water by 2025,” according to the United Nations and World Health Organization. A world without clean water is a world literally dying of thirst. The time to act is now.

Bringing Entrepreneurial Expertise To Social Causes
The Global Water Trust emerged from the vision of two successful entrepreneurs who believed that their life challenge went beyond realizing profits. Rob Kramer and Lisa Eisenpresser embarked upon their mission to provide Water For Life throughout the developing world. With over 35 years of combined experience in the private sector, Global Water Trust's co-founders are committed to applying their skills to help bring clean water within physical and economic reach of the world's most water impover Trust's co-founders are committed to applying their skills to help bring clean water within physical and economic reach of the world's most water impoverished people.

Rob Kramer, Chairman & Co-Founder
Rob has spent the past 20 years as an entrepreneur and executive in the media, technology, environmental, and non-profit sectors. Rob is the CEO and co-founder of PopRule. PopRule is a web services company that creates applications to power the action layer on the web and mobile devices through its "makes content actionable" algorithm. Rob has consulted for various companies in the sustainable business and water sectors including Johnson Diversey, Cydcor and Product Partners. Previously, Rob was CEO of Uprizer, Inc., an Intel-funded peer-to-peer enterprise software company that sold in 2005. From 1993 to 1999, Rob was Co-Founder and CEO of Moving Pixels, a successful independent computer animation studio in Los Angeles. In 1999, Rob sold his interest in this 16-year old company. He began his career in 1988 as President and Executive Producer of Pagan Films, a major label music video and commercial production company. Since 2003, Rob has been Chairman of Global Water Trust, a Santa Monica based non-profit that provides clean safe water to school children throughout the developing world. GWT has provided clean safe water to over 10,000 people in Bangladesh, Nepal and Kenya. Rob serves on the Board of Directors of Sustainable Business Council and Eco Dads, and on the Los Angeles Committee for Global Green USA. He has been a featured speaker on water-related issues at numerous universities including MIT, Stanford, UCLA, and Brown. In 2006, he wrote and produced the documentary film, "ARSENIC: The Largest Mass Poisoning in History," which premiered at 20th Century Fox Studios in 2006. Rob has attended the Aspen Institute Socrates Program as a sponsored participant with an expertise in global water issues. Rob holds a B.A. from Carnegie School of Journalism at Penn State.

Lisa Eisenpresser, Co-Founder
Lisa is a Co-Founder of the Global Water Trust, a California based non-profit dedicated to eradicating the #1 cause of disease and death in the world through the purification and delivery of clean water. Lisa's background combines traditional and new media production, marketing, strategy and investing. Most recently, Lisa was an executive at Ronald Lauder Investments in New York where she helped build Infinity Holdings, a venture capital group focused on providing business development services to media and technology companies. Her career began in television with South Africa Now. In 1992, Lisa co-developed the first real-time digital video sampler. Since then she has continued to develop and promote innovative tools that turn passive consumers into active producers of information and entertainment. Lisa created, directed and produced "Satori," a thirteen-week program focused on alternative health and personal potential, for the Microsoft Network. She has held executive positions at Internet companies, Brilliant Digital Entertainment, IXL, and AND Interactive, a division of TCI, Inc. after working at Time Warner Interactive in 1994. Lisa is a sponsored alumnus of the 2003 Aspen Institute Socrates Seminar on "Globalization." She holds a B.A. with honors in Comparative Literature and Semiotics from Brown University where she also received a Ford Foundation Grant in Modern Culture and Media.

Rob Kramer, Chairman & Co-Founder

Lisa Eisenpresser, Co-Founder