Financial Model    

Through its coalition of partners, Global Water Trust will:

Generate public, private & donor finance for clean   water projects
Partner with & deploy equipment/technology   manufacturers to project regions
Partner with NGOs on the construction, operation   & maintenance of clean water systems
Partner with AIDS organizations & pharmaceutical   companies whose healthcare projects depend on   the availability of clean water
Spur social, economic & agricultural development   through the availability of clean water in project   regions
Generate jobs associated with the construction, operation & maintenance of   clean water systems
Mobilize & deploy volunteer water engineers, hydrologists & other professionals   through GWT's Global Water Corps program.

Financial Model
The Global Water Trust and its partners believe that sustainable financing of community water systems is dependent upon:

A blend of public, private and donor finance.
Improved cost recovery.
Low cost per person water rates
Proper & efficient management of the water infrastructure.
Co-operation and participation of community stakeholders.

Global Water Trust believes that a blended financial model is the most realistic and efficient way for achieving its project goals and objectives. GWT and its partners intend to achieve this by:

Cross-subsidizing a portfolio of communities comprised of paid and donor   projects
Establishing Community Water Trusts that are co-managed by local   stakeholders,technology partners and NGO partners.