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Water Buddy $25+
Water Friend $100+
Water Associate $500+
Water Bearer $1,000+
Water Keeper $5,000+
Water Patron $10,000+
Water Trustee $50,000+
Water Visionary $100,000+

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Aqua Card Campaign
In an effort to bring water within physical and economic reach of all people around the world, the Global Water Trust is launching a retail, online and corporate fundraising campaign by marketing and distributing pre-paid Water For Life Aqua Cards. These cards will represent actual ATM style cards that will be furnished to rural, water impoverished communities who can use them to purchase water in their villages.

Aqua cards will connect donors to recipients in a highly personal, tangible and inspiring way. Like other collectible cards, each will be issued as part of a limited edition, corresponding to a village that is sponsored by GWT and its partners. The number of cards per village can be calculated based on the formula that it costs $100 to bring one person Water For Life. Therefore, the cost of providing a village of 10,000 people in Uganda water for life is $1,000,000. Aqua cardholders will know that they are one of a finite number of people who have helped bring water for life to that particular Ugandan village.

For more information on the Water For Life Aqua Card campaign, or to become a sponsor, please email: